Saturday, January 17, 2009

After Holiday Fun!

After having an extremely busy holiday, I really wanted to have some quality time with my sewing machine. After taking some wonderful inspiration from my great friend Leela, I decided to make a small throw using a jellyroll and some old ribbons that I had. Leela made one and showed it for show and tell at our recent quilt retreat. I was so inspired and I knew I really wanted one. I used gingham for the top, warm and natural for the middle and of course flannel for the bottom. Then I started adding my jellyroll stips and ribbons.
Using the gingham as a guide, I started sewing strips on my fabric sandwhich. Sew a 1/4" (or so) seam on both sides of the stips. I also tried to vary the width I left between the strips and ribbons.

I used various ribbons to add texture and color. I even used a satin ribbon. Leela, you are so smart!

I also bound my quilt with jellyroll strips. I just folded the strips around the edge and started sewing the approx. 1/4 seam.

Away I went! How fast and easy!

When I got to the end of each strip, I just folded over the top of the next strip...

and placed it over the previous strip.

Away I go. Now we have reached a corner. Sew to the end of the quilt...

Take the binding strip and proceed to make a 45* angle and fold it down on the next side.

Start sewing your approx. 1/4 and away you go.

I was almost finished, just about 3 feet of quilt left to bind and you guessed it - ran out of bobbin thread. Please tell me that I am not the only one that has done this.

Okay all done. Time to throw it in the washing machine to fray all of the edges. This quilt took me about 1 1/2 days to make. How fast and easy.

My family absolutely loves our new TV quilt. This took less than 1/2 of a jelly roll for the strips and various ribbons. What a wonderful way to use up alot of scaps also. I would love to see pictures of everyone's quilts. Please send pictures!

Monday, December 29, 2008

I am so glad to hear that you guys are still alive and not snowed in too much. Isn't the snow amazing. I can't believe youur wonderful sale on Moda fabric. You know that I will be getting some of that action. Hugs and kisses to each of you. Travel safe back home. Karebear

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Embellishing FUN

I am trying to complete all of our projects that we started at the quilt retreat. Today I finished embellishing the wool pincushions that we made. These turned out so very cute. The color's in the pictures don't give this pincushion it's due justice. I truly love this little project! Wish I needed more than one just so I can see the colors meld together. Yummy!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Anniversary

This month my husband and I will celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary. I can't believe it's been that many years. I don't feel old enough to be married for that long. I am sure I was a child bride when I got married. Ha Ha. Anyway, I was able to choose my anniversary gift. Below are pictures of my new Janome!!!!
Am I lucky or what?
I am so excited to start sewing with it. It has a great applique stitch and some different decorative stitches that I haven't had before. Fun, Fun. Isn't my husband great? I made a great choice 27 1/2 years ago. Thanks honey!

Notice the great felted wool pincushions! We made these at our recent quilt retreat. If you would like to make one for yourself, go to Quilt Taffy blog for the website of the creative lady who is selling the kits for these. They are so easy to make. Thanks to Betsy for showing us how to make them.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Quilting Retreat

Once a year I have the opportunity to get away with my darling quilting friends for a 4 day quilt retreat. We rent a huge condo in the mountains and sew, gab, sew, eat and sew.
What a fantastic time. Some years we get alot of projects done and some years we don't. But no one cares, WE HAVE FUN!

This is the view we had every night.

We found this cute little door sign in one of our quilt magazines. The fine print says: unless you are delivering fabric or chocolate. Cute, Cute.

Winter table runner that I designed. I will be giving out instructions in a couple of days.

Fall table runner out of same pattern.

We made oven mitts that really work. We also made aprons with attached wash rag to wipe your hands. Isn't that a clever idea? Thanks to Lela for that wonderful idea.

We also felted wool to make our own pincushions. It was such an interesting process. They all turned out beautiful. I just need to embellish mine now. Thank you Betsy.

We also make cake plates. How creative. Dinner plates and glassware from a second hand store were used. Just a little glue and presto, a lovely cake plate.

Shelto, Stitch, Corrie, Lela, Judy, Johnboy, Karebear, and Betsy on top. Our photographer Des was going crazy taking pictures.


Production Queen

My fabulous longarm quilter

Two new friends

Broken toe girl

70's guru

Blogger extraordinare
Thanks to my sweet friends for an absolutely GREAT time. Looking forward to next year.

Back to the Real World

After spending the last month being very busy with a wedding, daughter's birthday, baptism, son's birthday and a 7 day cruise, it's back to reality time. Each event went well and we had a wonderful time. But, I am ready to be home and spend some time with my family. Today I am posting pictures from the birthday, baptism and wedding. What a wonderful family time! I have the best family!
Baptism day. Aren't I lucky to have such a cute family!

Happy Birthday to You 'Matilda Rose Ruth'. Notice she has more candles than the 8 years old that she is turning. She just loved all the colors so we put them all on.

Sweet oldest brother who let 'Matilda' practice an extreme makeover with her new makeup pack that she received for her birthday.

Just married!

Our growing family. Soon we will have to use an extra wide lens.

Mom, Dad and happy couple.

Bridal party. This was a theme wedding. Flapper girls and men in Zoot suits. Very cute!

Me and my cute little son the groom.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Fall is Coming Soon!

Fall is coming to Idaho! After waking up to cool weather today, I decided that it was time to bring out the lovely knitted wool socks to keep me warm. I was the lucky recipient of a pair of handmade knitted wool socks from one of the games that we had at a recent retreat. What a treasure. I have really creative, giving friends. Thanks Betsy!

We as a family are going to have quite a busy week coming up. At the 1st of the week, we have a birthday and then the end of the week, a wedding. I still have to make a flower girl dress for next week also. Our third son is getting married to his girlfriend of 5 years in the garden of his grandparents, my in-laws. We are praying for good weather!

UPDATE: Food Storage in 52 weeks
Week 8: lg bag of pasta and jar of jam or jelly
Week 9: 6 cans evaporated milk
Week 10: 6 cans of condensed soup
Week 11: 1 lg box laundry detergent
Week 12: 6 cans evaporated milk
Week 13: 2 lg toothpaste and 1 pkg toilet paper
Week 14: 1 lg baking soda and 1 lg pkg yeast
Week 15: 1 lg jar of honey
Remember to multiply each amout by the number of people in your household.